Vegan Fruit & Nut Baked Brie – It’s a Party in Your Mouth!

Recipe by Katie Mae

Makes one 6-inch brie | Stores for 3 weeks in the fridge
Active time: 30 minutes, not including cream cheese prep or refrigeration time


1 cup Basic Cashew Cream Cheese (Click here for the recipe)
1 cup coconut milk solids*
1 tablespoon nutritional yeast flakes
6–12 oz of 100% fruit spread, no sugar added
¼ cup raw pecan pieces


  1. Blend the Cashew Cream Cheese, coconut milk solids, and nutritional yeast in a blender until smooth and well combined.
  2. Line a small glass container (a 6-inch container is the perfect size) with cheesecloth or plastic wrap.
  3. Make sure the plastic wrap or cloth is open as much as possible and carefully pour the cream into the wrap/cloth lining the container. Even out the top with a spatula.
  4. Cover and refrigerate for at least 4 hours. With time, the brie will firm up, yet remain very creamy.
  5. Once the brie is firm enough, gently unwrap the wrap or cloth and transfer it to baking dish that’s slightly larger so there’s room for the toppings, but not too large that it won’t stay compact when the brie melts.
  6. Bake at 350°F for 15 to 20 minutes.
  7. Serve promptly with sliced apples and pears for dipping.


Coconut milk solids are the solids from the top of a can of coconut milk (do not get light coconut milk). The can should first be refrigerated overnight, so the solids have had time to separate from the liquid and become firm. Make sure that you don’t shake the can, turn it upside down or on its side, so the solids and liquids don’t mix again.

When ready to use, spoon out all of the solids. Save the liquid to cook or bake with another time. One 14 oz can of coconut milk has about 1 cup of coconut solids.

If you’d rather use fresh fruit instead of or in addition to the jam, go for it! Berries of any kind are delicious with the brie. Also, other nuts like walnuts or hazelnuts are a great alternative to pecans.

** If you’re making this for New Year’s Eve, I recommend making the Basic Cashew Cream Cheese today ASAP. **

There are two periods of waiting in this recipe. Both are significant, but they can be cut down or even eliminated if needed.

The first waiting period is after you make the Basic Cashew Cream Cheese, it needs to sit at room temperature or a little warmer to ferment. What happens with the fermenting is the cashew cheese develops a tanginess that is experienced with traditional cow’s milk cheese.

Although this gives you a richer flavor, the tang is not necessary for a delicious dish. The longer it ferments for the more tanginess will develop, but you can add the Basic Cashew Cream Cheese to the brie recipe without letting it ferment at all.

The second waiting period is that after the brie is made, it needs to firm up in the fridge. This essential if the brie is going to be served without cooking it or if you wanted to put it inside a pastry.

However, for this recipe in which the brie is going to be baked and melted it doesn’t need to start out in a solid round shape. As long as you can get into the baking dish, you’re good to go.

If you know that you don’t have time for it to firm up, I would actually transfer the brie mixture right from the blender to the baking dish. There’s no need to put it in the plastic wrap or cheesecloth—those are just there to help you take the cheese out of the first container and keep its shape.
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This recipe has a special spot in my heart, AND it’s one that I save for extra special occasions,

….like New Year’s Eve!

(My faaaaavorite holiday!)

This Vegan Fruit & Nut Baked Brie is a plant-based adaptation of one of the first dishes that I ever made on my own as a young woman!

I was 21 when I first made it, and I remember how proud I was when I could serve this absolutely scrumptious, and beautifully presented, appetizer to my crazy college friends.

It was incredibly simple to do, yet it made me feel so elegant and adult-like. Memories 🙂

My thoughts on that dish now are that it’s over-the-top in calories, it’s a pile of flour, sugar, dairy fat, and dairy hormones.

Once I learned the pitfalls of animal products and processed sugar and flour, I dreamed of a healthy whole food, plant-based version of this dish.

As far as I know, there’s not yet a cashew brie on the market, and definitely not one without oil, so this recipe does have a few more steps. However, it’s entirely worth it.

I urge you to also treat this plant-based cheese as a special occasion appetizer because as you’ll quickly realize it’s easy to overconsume.

Making and enjoying a special food at a special time is very different than an unplanned episode of emotional eating.

I deeply appreciate the time it takes to make this vegan baked brie because it keeps me from having it every weekend!

I’m also grateful that this Vegan Fruit & Nut Baked Brie is so wholesome and mouth-watering that I feel comfortable and confident bringing it to any party!

I’m not contributing to disease-promotion, and I know it will surprise and delight every time!

When you do make it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

P.S. When I was having flour, this is how I would wrap and bake my vegan brie in croissant pastry with the 100% fruit spread and pecans. It was delicious, but personally, I find the pastry-free version just as satisfying.


  1. Sally Galligan

    Does this recipe call for two batches of the cashew cream cheese? It is listed twice at the beginning of the recipe…

    1. KatieMae

      Ahh no that was an error on my part, thanks for catching that! Add just one cup of the Basic Cashew Cream Cheese.

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