Quick & Easy Berry Banana Soft Serve

Recipe by Angela Glasser, ForTheLoveOfCows.com
Makes 2½ cups | Ready in 5 minutes | Stores 1 month in freezer


    ½ cup non-dairy milk or water
    2 frozen bananas
    1 cup frozen berries

Berry Banana Soft Serve 2


  1. Add all of the ingredients to a high-powered blender. Blend until it is smooth and creamy, using a tamper to help mix it up. If the mixture is too thick to blend, add a tablespoon of non-dairy milk or water as needed.
  2. Serve promptly to enjoy as a soft serve ice cream.



For a firmer ice cream transfer it to an air-tight container and freeze for an hour minimum. Enjoy frozen or slightly defrosted.
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Berry Banana Soft Serve 1