Cultured Cashew Cream Cheese with Sharp, Tangy Flavor

By Angela Glasser,
adapted from recipe by Miyoko Schinner,

Makes 2½ cups | Stores for 2 weeks in the fridge
Ready in 10 minutes, not including soaking and fermentation time

See how Katie Mae makes this Cultured Cashew Cream Cheese

* Ignore “basic” in the video title


1 tablespoon miso OR 1 tablespoon non-dairy yogurt*
2 cups cashews, soaked for 2-8 hours, and strained
½ cup of water*
pinch of salt (only necessary with non-dairy yogurt)

Basic Cashew Cream Cheese 1

Basic Cashew Cream Cheese 2


  1. Add the culturing agent and soaked cashews to a high-powered blender.
  2. Blend on high for about one minute until the cream has silky smooth consistency, resembling a whipped cream cheese. If you have difficulty blending the cashews, you can add a little more water, but keep it to a minimum unless you want a thinner cream.
  3. Transfer the mix to a glass container and cover with plastic wrap or an airtight lid. Let the cheese age by setting out on the countertop for 12 to 36 hours. The longer it sits out the sharper the flavor will be. The cheese will thicken and develop air pockets as it cultures. The culturing process will be faster in warmer environments.
  4. Once it has cultured to your taste, move it to the refrigerator. The cheese will continue to thicken, but the fermentation process will halt.

Basic Cashew Cream Cheese 3Basic Cashew Cream Cheese 4


When blending the cream cheese, make sure to blend until it’s silky smooth (right photo). After a minute or so it will seem like the cashews are blended, but it will be gritty with tiny cashew pieces until blended for a little longer (left photo).

Rejuvelac could also be used to culture the nuts instead of the miso or non-dairy yogurt. Since rejuvelac is a liquid it will also replace some or all of the water. Blend the cashews with ½ cup of rejuvelac instead of the water. If you need/want to add more liquid so the blending is easier, add water, not rejuvelac.

This is a base cheese that can be used for various cheese-based recipes, such as herbed cream cheese, brie, cheesecake, or sour cream.

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Basic Cashew Cream Cheese 5