We're here to empower you to prepare plant-based meals and live a joyful, energized, plant-rich lifestyle! ... aka delicious living!


People who want to feel healthy and look good in their bodies find themselves continually wishing that healthy food taste delicious and be easy to prepare. The lack of competency in preparing fresh, wholesome plant-based meals is a tragedy.
Not knowing which foods are health promoting, and how to prepare them is one of the largest barriers to reversing the obesity and chronic disease that plagues our country. The fact that it’s mostly being overlooked or minimized in the world of health and fitness is a detriment to millions worldwide and society as a whole.
To make matters worse, the “healthy eating” recommendations that the media, doctors, dietitians, health coaches, and even fitness instructors are making, are often based on biased or cherry-picked science rather than a comprehensive and diligent review of the scientific literature available today.
The lack of attention given to nutritious culinary education is truly one of the greatest tragedies of our time, and it deserves attention.
In the same way, we encourage our kids to practice sports and we push ourselves to exercise to stay fit, we need to practice food prep and push ourselves to make home-cooked meals to improve our well-being.

INTRODUCING The Culinary Gym

The Culinary Gym is specifically designed to help people strengthen their kitchen skills and ability to prepare whole plant foods with fun and challenging interactive trainings.
Our goal in working with people is to build their kitchen fitness so that ultimately they can sustain and thrive on a plant-based diet.
Kitchen Fitness (noun): the ability to efficiently and joyfully prepare delicious meals using fresh, whole foods.


Without kitchen fitness, preparing healthy home-cooked meals will likely feel difficult, time-consuming, expensive and leave you with subpar flavor. This is why most Americans have no desire to cook from scratch.
It doesn’t matter whether you grew up on highly processed, packaged foods or you learned to cook from your grandmother, the Culinary Gym will up your game, training you to make the healthiest foods taste delicious.
With kitchen fitness, adopting and sustaining a plant-rich lifestyle will be infinitely easier.



Katie Mae is a plant-based culinary coach, nutritionist, and the founder of The Culinary Gym. She’s on a mission to empower people to thrive on plants and shine their brightest. She’s all about making the plant-based lifestyle easy, healthy, and delicious, so that it’s joyfully sustainable.
In everything she does, from her delicious classes to her health-promoting recipes, Katie Mae wants to build your kitchen fitness. She wants to make your plant-based cooking habitual, so that preparing plants feels like second nature and the flavors keep you excited for this lifestyle.
Katie Mae is also a core cooking instructor for TrueNorth Health Center and the McDougall programs in Santa Rosa, CA. She’s a contributor on the Forks Over Knives’ and the Food Revolution Network’s websites. Katie Mae holds a Master of Science in Nutrition from Bastyr University and has completed the Rouxbe Plant-based Culinary Certification.